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Dufferin Communications Inc.
Brantford, Ontario
Application 2015-0612-2

Application by Dufferin Communications Inc. (Dufferin) for authority to acquire from 1486781 Ontario Limited (the vendor) the assets of the English-language specialty (Christian music) radio programming undertaking CFWC-FM Brantford, Ontario. The vendor is solely owned by Sound of Faith Broadcasting, which in turn is controlled by its board of directors.

The applicant is also requesting a new broadcasting licence to continue the operation of the undertaking under the same terms and conditions as those in effect under the current licence.

Dufferin is solely owned by Evanov Communications Inc., which in turn is controlled by Mr. William V. Evanov.

Pursuant to the Purchase and Sale Agreement, the applicant will purchase the assets of the undertaking for $500,000.

The applicant has requested to be exempted from the requirement to pay tangible benefits, stating that CFWC-FM is not profitable and is incapable of generating advertising revenue, and that certain investments will be needed to make the station financially viable.

Following the closing of the transaction, Dufferin will become the licensee CFWC-FM.

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The company has ambition and plans to grow both in terms of the geographical areas and the types of markets it wants to serve.

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